Inquiring Notebook #1


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MUSIC Olivier Bobin aka Fade Dj Mix - Let's Get Physical.
FASHION CLOSE UP Yazbukey Interview
EXHIBITION Tania & Vincent "Consummation"

FASCINESHION.COM is an inquisitive online magazine offering a space to people open to the world, artists, fashion designers, writers, directors, and musicians. A magazine with a difference, full of infos and trends to know about what’s-going-on and who-does-it in Paris and elsewhere; an atypical broadcasting tool that leaves room to video, sound and text.
As a logical follow-up to the site, the idea was born to present an odd and humorous item looking into all the circles of influence and creation networks: an Inquiring Notebook.
The first issue was edited by Pierre-Marie who unveils an informal and creative network through the portraits of artists and celebrities he feels close to: Madoka Ikeya, Nicolas Nahab, Alice Anderson, Thomas Adam-Garnung, Melodie Wolf,Olivier Bobin, Samuel Deshors, Sophie Gateau, Romain Kremer, Benjamin Bruno, Yazbukey, Yoshiko Kajitani, Tania et Vincent, Yann Lecoadic, Soheil Nasseri, Ich&Kar, Sabine Morandini. 

In their own ways, they each answer three questions .
1 • If you were to draw your own portrait ?
2 • What fascinates you ?
3 • What would you fancy tomorrow ?

Text by Thomas Adam-Garnung
There are colourful cities, cities with a history, cities with a lot going on and there is Paris. Nothing happens in Paris,THE CITY OF ROMANCE. Paris, the Dead City. Paris, the Old and Grey Whore.
That’s how the whisper goes in airports, terminals and customs.
The place to be, but no one knows why. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?
Yet things happen in town, I CAN PLAY THE DOG, unseen things, things you don’t imagine, small things that don’t matter, things that don’t even deserve picking-up on: people meet.
And it happens every day, at each street corner, in coffee shops, in some galleries, and it doesn’t make waves. There’s a bit of fun perhaps, but no waves.
It sways, it runs under the skin, thrills, GOOD VIBES. Because of all the gestures, the caresses, the looks. You touch me lightly and I’m moved.
There, now you understand better when I say things happen, that it’s still on the move and that it’s hot, the body and the eyes, full of warmth. We are a group, a gang, we don’t know it, we don’t show it, but we like to meet, to see each other, and sometimes do things. One day maybe we’ll be called a movement, a generation, we don’t care, IT DOESN'T MATTER, we do it for the fun, for us, for us together today. There’ll always be a reason for everything, everything but that perhaps.
The city is not dead. Like a resistance, but without the flags, without a vengeance. Only the pleasure to be together. We don’t know each other, but you are one of my friend’s friends, so we often see each other.MEET ME IN THE CORNER.
We start to talk. Not necessarily about what we do for a living. Who cares what we do for a living? Rather about what we like, what amuses us, what we would like to see. And everything is possible. So why not do it together? Nothing had been planned, decided on, written. That’s the magic of chosen affinities. It’s fun. Like a crazy machine that makes no specific product. To start from scratches and to arrive nowhere. That’s alchemy.
DOUBLE DOUBLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE, FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE. There are so many bounds between us, like an odd piping system. Everything mingles. All is porous and permeable. It all distils here in the dark. Still. We’re going to get together. We get together. We’ll exchange things, invent new ideas, laugh about the world and what we do in it. We’ll be together. That’s all we want: to be together.
Sometimes we happen to create things, but it’s like scoria, like a detail, a particle of dust. Like a pretty improvisation on a music instrument. Intuition guides us. Some noises make songs. COME TOGETHER.


Inquiring Notebook #1


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