Elsa Zylberstein vs Sandro Kopp

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11PM Saturday November 13 2010, it's already hot, Sandro Kopp is wearing summer cloth in his Key West work shop under the Floridian blue sky, the sun flows abundantly through his bay window in his artist residence...

5PM Saturday November 13 2010, it's night fall, the weather is cold and it's raining in Paris, the spotlights spatter the main room of The Brachfeld Gallery, completely white.

Elsa Zylberstein sits patiently during 3 hours, in front of her computer screen. Today she's wearing a black dress, her natural make up accentuates her beautiful and mysterious grey eyes, her pale madone like complexion and long brown hair softly compliment the oval of her face and her gracious neck.

Sandro's voice can be heard guiding Elsa, they talk about Art, cinema and their common artist friends, their warm facial expressions meet, connected through an electrical wire, the model's image get to Sandro through the eye of the webcam which sends back an image with strangely digital lights.

Image equals character, inspiration, muse, Elsa Zylbertsien personifies romantic heroines next to legendary characters in the big screen, Van Gogh directed by Maurice Pialat, Lautrec by Roger Planchon, Modigliani by Mick Davis, Farinelli by Gérard Corbiau, parts of loved women have ponctuated her career. She belongs to the very restricted club of the french actresses whose elegant and intelectual image actually appeals to the medias, gorgeous on the magazines'cover, her physic and her aura seduce.

Through this digital encounter and with the hybrid Art of Sandro Kopp, a delicate and in between worlds portrait was born, restrained and timeless, carefully painted with cold colors, where Elsa appears so soft, delicate, with a touch of melancholy.

Fascinated by this image on our screen, we would love to go on the other side, the sunny side that is!

Sabine Morandini translator Carole Denis

Elsa Zylberstein by Sandro Kopp


Report / Interview Sabine Morandini


Brachfeld Gallery
78 rue des Archives
Paris 75003
Open : Tue-Sat 14h30 - 19h

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