Prêt à Porter Spring/Summer 2013


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RICK OWENS takes inspiration from nature and the men who inhabit it, gold is hidden beneath cool shades. The doors of  VALHALLA open up to reveal long silhouettes in which the mastership of layering manages to express litheness, the elegance of lines, relative simplicity.

STEFFIE CHRISTIAENS explores the limits of organic and geometric form, her flowing volumes enhance the curves and shapes of nature and of movement.

HEXA BY KUHO is set in the virginal and romantic world of Jane Eyre and revisits the dress code of boarding schools.

JEAN PAUL LESPAGNARD enchants us with his fruity orange "bubbles" on sun-drenched skins, with a good dose of the 50's, his refreshing cuts and prints are an invitation to a high-vitamin cocktail.

MANISH ARORA transcribes the style of a population who makes fantasy become the rule, referencing the world of Bollywood and visual codes of traditional Indian dancers, he gives them an urban twist.

single-handedly represents know-how and the expression of fashion itself, she is able to convey styles and trends and face the challenges of techniques and fabrics, some dense, some light. Perforations, flexible volumes, wasp-like waistlines and slit dresses definitely spice up Mormon austerity.

HERMÈS maintains the balance between the essence of the house's classics and their more contemporary expression.
Infused by CHRISTOPHE LEMAIRE, the silk scarf is transformed and opened to new perspectives.

AMAYA AZUARGA doesn't take rugged paths and useless deviations to follow the contours of a woman's body, she gives us the charming glimpse of a silhouette, entirely circled by a single outline.

JACQUEMUS emphasizes the concepts of purity and transparency in a clear mood inspired by Space. Supported by an enlightened following, SIMON PORTE, the designer, is not a confidential name any longer.

In the windows of the L140 art space, ANDRÉA CREWS focuses on the RED LIGHT DISTRICT; with a techno-party background, do the prints of the "KITTEN HOLOGRAM" collection display the price range? MAROUSSIA REBECQ releases a series of printed scarves with the help of artists such as THEO MERCIER, LESLIE DAVID, NATHALIE DU PASQUIER and PIERRE ARDOUVIN.

A New Look version of CACHAREL, bodices fitted at the waist combined with full skirts and ruffles of sea anemones allow skin to drink up the sunlight. Featherlight silks and organzas are lost in the amplitude of skirts, the body free and playful in these graceful breezy dresses in bright shades of lime-green, coral and true blue.

GLENN MARTENS; a somewhat Gothic confession of faith, of angels and demons, a pure demonstration of the proficiency of cuts.

Danaïs Salander & Pascale Gilardo translation Delphine Dalquié

ANDRÉA CREWS Summer 2013