Mada van Gaans
FASHION CLOSE UP Red Light Fashion District
EXHIBITION Erwin Olaf InterviewLe Dernier Cri
EXHIBITION Arnhem Mode Biennale 2009
MUSIC Yvan Vegeta Dj Mix - Supra Mix 2006

The universe of Mada van Gaans is filled of vegetation, animals and gardens.

Born in 1975, it’s thanks to her creative parents that Mada integrated very young, a school where the learning experience is based on the comprehension of oneself and its own artistic phantasms, and that why she did acquire a sense of freedom and creativity.

Then, Mada started her freelance activity to work in various commercial companies in order to establish for them, the tendencies of the moments by traveling the world and visiting fashion shops.

Thanks to these few years of training as well as a childhood immerses in artistic dreams, Mada became a renowned designer in the Netherlands, businesswoman with multiple dreams. First of all, the one of a menswear collection, a visibility in Parisian and New-York’s shops or a collaboration with Alexander Mc Queen.


To prepare her 3rd collection "A sentimental journey", Mada van Gaans finds her inspiration in fabrics, patterns representative of Nature, the animal’s prints and then of course the feminine curves.

Her style, dynamic, feminine and sensual is composed by elegant silhouettes being sophisticated and yet comfortable.

Sexy dresses made out of wool or jersey, petite playful velvet skirts; Mada accessorizes also her collection with mice, all in pearl which are made by hand or also some hand beaded glass buttons which will give the perfect finishing touch.


The contrasted world of Mada van Gaans is a true journey in the kingdom of the colors, animals, dreams and mythology which takes us along, from collections to collections in her whimsical universe.

Céline Charlot