Lamija Suljevic

Girl vs female

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On the one hand she's allowing her childhood memories to play and unfold in a romantic Parisian vision where floating volume contrasts elegance touch, finding this delicate border between beauty and brutality.
With braiding, embroidery, pleats and laces the little girl's playfulness is mixed with avant-garde details nd inspied handwork.
Her ultimate goal has always been to bring back the hand-made.
On the other hand Lamija's work is always ready to push boundaries between art and luxurious fashion.


SM: If you were to draw your own portrait and your works?
LS: I would use black indian ink

What fascinates you ?

What would you fancy tomorrow ?
everything that’s lost

Can you give 3 words for describe the illustrations to Annelie Carlström ?

girl vs female

When did you discover you wanted to do fashion?
It’s been with me always

What are your influences - artistic movements, muses, era 1920 / 1930?
I’m influencesed by everything that is genuine and elegant

Where did you find your inspiration for the last collection ?
From my own background. When I lived in Bosnia there was an abandoned bus outside our home where gipsy-s used to live. Sometimes they walked around almost naked or in very colorful fabrics.. There is something beautiful yet sad about all of it.

Are there any new materials you will work with or would like to experiment with in the future?
Yes, I have just begun!

Can you explain the choice of your material and form?
I used silk,sequins and yarn in very strong pink color. I wanted to give the collection almost a child-like feeling but yet with a very female silhouette. And I wanted the illustrations to have the same feeling, a girl trapped in a female body..( just like the girls on the bus)


Collection Autumn-Winter 2010/2011

Collection Spring-Summer 2011