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Schizo Show

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Michel Gondry has a strange and anti conformist personality. After making himself known for music videos for Bjork and many commercials, he came to movies with "human nature", a story about the missing link with Patricia Arquette as the hairiest woman in the world.Not very convincing.His next movie, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a lot more convincing, as he manipulates Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey's memory in a desastrous love story.

Back in France, Michel Gondry locks himself back in his dreamstate world, with Shizo show, Schizophrenic comedy with Gael Garcia Bernal {Amour chienne, la mauvais education) .

His part : Stephane, a young mexican with a french mother (Miou Miou) comes back to Paris in his childhood flat.

While he's getting closer and closer with his nextdoot neighbor (charlotte Gaisbourg), he loses his job as a graphist for calendar because of chronic absenteism .

And his collegue Guy (hilarious Alain Chabat) has more and more difficulties to cover for him.The reason why Stephan has a problem waking up is because his dreams are a lot longer than his nights.

Longer and pregressing more and more into his reality.

Is Stehane schizo? Michel Gondry suggests it, but never express it clearly. A way to give in totally to the hero's point of vue, and to multiply the dream like, naive or absurd, images. Many beautiful moments of childish poesy, dreamlike take-offs, that remind a bit of Brazil. Schizoshow shares its tragic dimension with Brazil, even though in a more intimate way, more complex in its construction, to the degree that the whole story might be the product of the madness of its fragile hero. A master piece.


A french movie from Michel Gondry.

With : Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alain Chabat, Emma de Caunes, Sacha Bourdo, Aurélia Petit & Pierre Vaneck.

Length : 1 h 46mn

Marc Toullec - Translator Carole Denis