Fade/ Obsolète / Société Secrète

( Secret Society )
Olivier Bobin fade interview

MUSIC Olivier Bobin aka Fade Dj Mix - Let's Get Physical.
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Fade's universe continually singles itself out with a very distinct visual style, staged, with multiple esoteric references, which provide him a unique position in the fashion world.

Sabine Morandini : How would you describe your universe ?
Fade : Evanescent, is the adjecrive my brother used when he saw my collection. Dictionary's definition : that Fades as it goes.

SM : Fade / Olivier Bobin , is it a musical semiquaver or an ornemental schizo ?
F : Rather versatile, but not ornemental.

SM : Are you cursed by Cain's eye ?
F : Yes, but I believe in happy ending.

SM : How do you choose your symbols ?
F : By their relevance, their graphic impact, their "intelligence" I love universal themes, understood by all, I love exchange.

SM : Why do we often find the theme of marriage in your creations ?
F : Because of my sensitivity and a certain idea that might be naive. A marriage - That particular day - brings out a lot of inspirations, emotions, makes me laugh and cry. My concern is to create emotions and I avoid funerals.

SM : Tell us about the Obsolete video concept...
F : I wanted to show fade's universe. very refined. This video is somehow the "eau de parfum" of my label. The clothes "Fade to Black" to make room for the images and music that it evokes.

SM : They married and had a lot of….?
F : Dramas, but split the responsabilities.

SM : The secret society, what is it ?
F : All of those who fell in love with Fade.

SM : Stylist, DJ, artistic director, how do you manage all your activitiess ?
F : I'm not alone. I imagine, I give the A, the direction, then we work together. François Sagat for the illustrations, Lisa Rovner & Alice Heart ( Message is the Medium) for the video, EEM for the graphism and Cecile Busson (Avant Goude) for the sound.

SM : What are your musical influences ?
F : Michel Gaubert.

SM : What fascinates you ?
F : Us, not fashion.

SM : What do the words, mean to you?
: No sweat .
Friends : Partnership, bonding.
Internet : Tool, of course.
Sex : It's good for us.
Scandalous : Daily.

Fade as seen by his friends.

Cécile Busson : I met Olivier Bobin three years ago. We started our collaboration while making the dresses displayed in the "Obsolete" video. I really wanted to work with Olivier when he showed me a "Fade' video. At first I loved the sound then the visual, how not to fall in love with this universe, this poetry, frailty, madness!! Also the "anti-vogue" spirit of Olivier. Since then we've been working together in our "Avant Goude" DJ formation, we feed one another our respective musical sensitivities, which is sometimes explosive, but always with our audience's pleasure in mind...
Cécile Busson, Dj (Avant Goude : both Dj’s with Fade)

Lisa rovner & Alice Heart : The reason why we want to work with Fade, is first of all the charismatic figure of Olivier Bobin. Olivier invited us to discover his universe, very strong in symbols and myths, entering his universe is like an initiation to mysticism, rose dreams and black magic.
Lisa rovner & Alice Heart réalisatrices. Message is the medium.

Emmanuel Bossuet : This season I participated at the creations of designs on tee shirts based on Francois Sagat's illustrations, but the art of the job was the direction of "Obsolete", a video. My contribution was mainly research of iconography- what Olivier mischievously qualified as "graphic Houdinism in the credits- a pure flattery. We met prior to the writing of the story board and I arrived with very precise references that allready existed in his project : "Le Prince Achmed" of Lotte Reiniger in 1926, "Lucifer Rising" of Kenneth Anger, Opera fragments or even clips like Kate Bush's "Egypt" or Ah-ha 's "Hunting High and Low". I've known Olivier a while and we were friends long before he asked me to work on his latest collection. I've always watched his work with one question im mind : "How does this guy do it?" In fashion, the most beautiful palaces are nothing but built on sand, season after season, so his easy does it unbelievable visuals, his recurring themes, the occult, the marriage, the subculture...lots of food for thoughts...Very singular so rather exemplary. There is an irresistible charm and humor to everything Olivier does. By the way, I'm talking about humor, not the traditional fashion cynicism. Fade takes fashion by surprise, while talking about something else, lingering on the fat joke that springs out of a sweat shirt fold, on the cosmogonic grace, on the joyous energy that one of his character and victim will display while falling off a cliff. Fade's universe is not strictly about the cloth- and if needed this video will prove it one more time- he is bond to emerge in other spheres, and probably just as unexpected. Today I know what takes place on the other side of the "Secret Society" But the magic still lives on. Even for an initiated like me. I can't hear about Fade without catching an almost Pavlovien feeling of content.
Emmanuel Bossuet (EEM) - Graphiste


Alice Heart, Lisa Rovner, Emmanuel Bossuet, Cécile Busson

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